What Happened

My mother says that I definitely have a guardian angel because, when I was a toddler, I fell out of the car as we passed over a bridge, rolled to the very edge, and stopped with my toes hanging over.  The car was an old Monarch with suicide doors i.e. the back doors opened towards the front and often opened unexpectedly …   -excerpt-

Glenn Hopfner is a natural born story-teller, a delight to listen to…It’s pretty well like sitting around the kitchen table with him…  – Doug Koop, editor ChristianWeek –


Glenn considers himself a lucky man.  Lucky, to have survived a number of close calls, lucky to have lived so many experiences, and lucky to have a loving, supportive family.  Join him as he recounts anecdotes about his life so far.

Childhood adventures included  swinging from trees in “Vineland”, hiding in tall ferns in an elaborate game of “Oysters for sale”, war with willow spears and BB guns, and riding spring ‘icebergs’ on the Turtle River.

Cruising small town Main Street,  party houses,  music, school days, travels, family and many different jobs —  Glenn’s guardian angel helped him through good and bad times.

Pull up a chair, pour the coffee and have a listen.



Paperback –  128 pages; 6″x9″;  english.

©2006 Glenn Hopfner.  ISBN 1-55383-100-4

Published by Glenn Hopfner, Ste.Rose-du-Lac, Manitoba.

Printed and bound by Friesens Corp., Altona, Manitoba.

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