The Ugliest Doll in the World

One arm was badly twisted. there was a crack in her body right over where the heart should be, and her left leg was barely hanging in its socket … “I love this doll mommy! Can I have it?  Pleeeease?” Sula noticed two older girls looking at the doll.  She was afraid they were going to take it before she had a chance to even touch it.  Then she heard one of them say, “Look at that stupid doll… That is the ugliest doll in the world!” ‘ – excerpt –

I had the luxury of spending lots of time with my three sons while they were young.  I used to make up stories for them almost every night.  Stories that made them laugh, cry, and ask questions  … This one is for you.” – author, Glenn Hopfner

closeup of wooden doll laying on blanket

“Children and families will find this book a thoughtful, conversation provoking story with lessons relevant yesterday, today and tomorrow.  A heartwarming tale with a grounded and intelligent writing style that will speak to children.”  Stephanie B., Documentary Film Producer, Chicago
“Inspirational writing that provides a wonderful message of Hope.  This carefully woven story will touch the hearts of readers young and old.”  Brenda G., High School English Teacher.


The Ugliest Doll in the world; Book cover. author Glenn Hopfner. Hardcover –  32 pages; 11″x 8.5″;  english.

©2005 Glenn Hopfner.  ISBN 978-1-55383-208-9

Published by Glenn Hopfner, Ste.Rose-du-Lac, Manitoba.

Printed and bound by Friesens Corp., Altona, Manitoba.

$15.00 CDN  + shipping.