Tales From the Tundra

Cross paths with majestic polar bears, wily arctic foxes, caribou and flocks of ptarmigans  on this tour of Canada’s tundra.

Mother and cub polar bear resting   Arctic fox looking backwards

In his folksy book, Tales From the Tundra, Glenn Hopfner shares his myriad experiences over 9 of his 13 seasons as guide, entertainer and mechanic in Churchill, Manitoba.  He laughs, shakes his head and shivers, as he recounts  local stories, harrowing tales of world travelers, and his own face to face encounter with a polar bear.

Guide Glenn Hopfner on back deck of Buggy #12.

“Welcome aboard!”

Grab a coffee and settle down in your comfy chair while Glenn takes you on one of the typical tours he gave on the Tundra Buggy® during polar bear season. He describes the hard work, ingenuity, and good times that went into building the buggies.

He shares the magical moments and breathtaking experiences, his knowledge of geography and history of the region, and his love for wildlife and this great planet.

Maps, facts about polar bears, historical references and stunning photographs by Robert Taylor, one of Manitoba’s most renowned wildlife photographers also help the reader appreciate this Churchill adventure.

Second printing now availableincludes Foreword by John Gunter of Frontiers North Adventures®, photos of Thanadelthur Lounge, Dan’s Diner and accommodation units in the Tundra Buggy Lounge as well as an author’s note by Glenn Hopfner.

Book Cover Tales From the Tundra 2nd editionPaperback –  104 pages; 6″x9″;  english.

©2005 Glenn Hopfner.

second printing, 2019 ISBN 1-55383-100-6

Published by Glenn Hopfner, Saint Pierre Jolys, Manitoba.

Printed and bound by Friesens Corp., Altona, Manitoba.

$25.00 CDN  + shipping.