The Adventures of Marco Polo Bear

In this second book about polar bears, author Glenn Hopfner wanted to share his passion for the north with children and adults alike.

The Adventures of Marco Polo Bear is a fantasy based on facts and Glenn’s own experiences over 13 years as a Tundra Buggy® driver and guide in Churchill, Manitoba.  With the controversy about global warming in the news and questions about their survival, he felt it was time to give Polar Bears a voice.

Polar Bear Cub peaking out from under his standing mother, on the water's edge.

You can see how these magnificent creatures can inspire a person.  I loved telling stories to my young boys…This one is for people of all ages…” – Glenn Hopfner –

Research helicopter hovering over three bears.

Wildlife researchers take off in their helicopter.


Rodney Raven chatting with Marco Polo Bear in front of kitchen buggy window.

Sir Rodney, the raven, befriends Marco Polo Bear and shares his wisdom.

The story follows the young bear on this quest to make sense of the world he lives in and find his place in it.  He meets a cast of characters who help him along the way.  We are introduced to Calvin the Clam, Rodney the Raven, Knowy Owl and Marco’s sister Mary. They encounter wildlife researchers and Marco strikes up a friendship with Elu the young boy on the buggy.  Not all of Marco’s adventures are easy.  His mother fights off Bad Boris, Marco helps Ringo the Seal escape, and he leads Elu and his family out of a snowstorm.

Marco Polo Bear swimming with Vinny the Orca Whale.            Illustration - Marco Polo Bear underwater with Calvin Clam

“I have a tremendous respect for all the world’s creatures but I do have a special place in my heart for polar bears.  I have often wondered about their perspective.  That is how this book came about…I hope it inspires you and your loved ones…”  -Glenn Hopfner-


Soft Cover –  80 pages; 11″x8.5″;  english.

©2011 Glenn Hopfner.  ISBN 978-0-9878755-0-1

Published by Glenn Hopfner, Ste.Rose-du-Lac, MB.

Illustrations by:  Laura Lee Harasym

Printed and bound in Canada by ArtBookbindery.

$25.00 CDN  + shipping.