Tales From the Tundra

Second printing now available – includes Foreword by John Gunter of Frontiers North Adventures®, photos of Thanadelthur Lounge, Dan’s Diner and accommodation units in the Tundra Buggy Lounge as well as an author’s note by Glenn Hopfner.

Book Cover Tales From the Tundra 2nd edition
In his folksy book, Glenn Hopfner shares his myriad experiences over 9 of his 13 seasons as guide, entertainer and mechanic in Churchill, Manitoba.  He laughs, shakes his head and shivers, as he recounts  local stories, harrowing tales of world travelers, and his own face to face encounter with a polar bear.

Guide Glenn Hopfner on back deck of Buggy #12.

“Welcome aboard!”

Grab a coffee and settle down in your comfy chair while Glenn takes you on one of the typical tours he gave on the Tundra Buggy® during polar bear season. He describes the hard work, ingenuity, and good times that went into building the buggies.  

He shares the magical moments and breathtaking experiences, his knowledge of geography and history of the region, and his love for wildlife and this great planet.

Maps, facts about polar bears, historical references and stunning photographs by Robert Taylor, one of Manitoba’s most renowned wildlife photographers also help the reader appreciate this Churchill adventure.


The Adventures of Marco Polo Bear


In this second book about polar bears, author Glenn Hopfner wanted to share his passion for the north with children and adults alike.

The Adventures of Marco Polo Bear is a fantasy based on facts and Glenn’s own experiences over 13 years as a Tundra Buggy® driver and guide in Churchill, Manitoba.  With the controversy about global warming in the news and questions about their survival, he felt it was time to give Polar Bears a voice.

Polar Bear mother nosing her two cubs in line.

You can see how these magnificent creatures can inspire a person.  I loved telling stories to my young boys…This one is for people of all ages…” – Glenn Hopfner –



“I have a tremendous respect for all the world’s creatures but I do have a special place in my heart for polar bears.  I have often wondered about their perspective.  That is how this book came about…I hope it inspires you and your loved ones…”  -Glenn Hopfner-


The Ugliest Doll in the World

The Ugliest Doll in the world; Book cover. author Glenn Hopfner.

One arm was badly twisted. there was a crack in her body right over where the heart should be, and her left leg was barely hanging in its socket … “I love this doll mommy! Can I have it?  Pleeeease?” Sula noticed two older girls looking at the doll.  She was afraid they were going to take it before she had a chance to even touch it.  Then she heard one of them say, “Look at that stupid doll… That is the ugliest doll in the world!” ‘ – excerpt –

I had the luxury of spending lots of time with my three sons while they were young.  I used to make up stories for them almost every night.  Stories that made them laugh, cry, and ask questions  … This one is for you.” – author, Glenn Hopfner


What Happened


My mother says that I definitely have a guardian angel because, when I was a toddler, I fell out of the car as we passed over a bridge, rolled to the very edge, and stopped with my toes hanging over.  The car was an old Monarch with suicide doors i.e. the back doors opened towards the front and often opened unexpectedly …   -excerpt-

Glenn Hopfner is a natural born story-teller, a delight to listen to…It’s pretty well like sitting around the kitchen table with him…  – Doug Koop, editor ChristianWeek –

Glenn considers himself a lucky man.  Lucky, to have survived a number of close calls, lucky to have lived so many experiences, and lucky to have a loving, supportive family.  Join him as he recounts anecdotes about his life so far.

Childhood adventures included  swinging from trees in “Vineland”, hiding in tall ferns in an elaborate game of “Oysters for sale”, war with willow spears and BB guns, and riding spring ‘icebergs’ on the Turtle River.

Cruising small town Main Street,  party houses,  music, school days, travels, family and many different jobs —  Glenn’s guardian angel helped him through good and bad times.

Pull up a chair, pour the coffee and have a listen.